How to Properly Optimize Your Wedding Photography Site’s Images

Over the years, I have learned to have a love/hate relationship with search engines. Having done photography for over 15 years, maintaining a website just as long, I have learned a few tricks to share with other wedding photographers about how to properly optimize their site for seo services their marketing company may be providing. You see, as professional photographers we tend to front load our websites with a lot of…images!

We tend to skimp out on the content part itself. Here are a few tricks to better optimize your images (and website) for the search engines:
1) When you add your image, make sure your “img alt” tag is filled in. Google can’t tell what your image is because Google can’t see images! So this alt tag will tell Google what your image is about. So if your image is about a wedding you photographed in Boise, Idaho, you may want to make the alt tag: “wedding photography boise idaho”

2) Make sure your URLs are not extremely long! I see a lot of wedding photography sites making this mistake.

3) Make sure you are adding SOME content. All image sites are harder for Google to read, figure out, and want to rank. If you want the feel of an “all-image” site, then make a pinterest page!

Check out the video below for a more detailed visual:

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